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Nov 25, 2023


poster with large VHS cassette tape with bloody fingerprints on it.

Welcome to "Tape Two" of S.O.V. (shot on video) movies that prove that Horror is the Punk Rock of Cinema!

For decades, fans made movies without Hollywood, money, or distribution deals. Following the DIY ethos, regional horror movies sprung up everywhere and told crazy, original, and personal stories and created a subculture.

Just like punk rock did! 

Join me as I curate a list of movies that show the diversity of SOV movies, how filmmakers worked out personal traumas by creating, and how SOV gave a legendary director one last chance to be heard!

I hope you enjoy the show!

Movies Discussed:

SAVAGE HARVEST (1994) Dir. Eric Stanze

SCRAPBOOK (2000) Dir. Eric Stanze

THE BURNING MOON (1992) Olaf Ittenbach

HALLUCINATIONS (1986) Dirs. John Polonia | Mark Polonia | Todd Michael Smith

SPLATTER FARM (1987) Dirs. John Polonia | Mark Polonia | Todd Michael Smith

TWISTED ISSUES (1988) Dir. Charles Pinion

POSSIBLY IN MICHIGAN (1983) Dir. Cecelia Condit

BENEATH THE SKIN (1981) Dir. Cecelia Condit

EACH TIME I KILL (2007) Dir. Doris Wishman

LIMBO (1999) Dir. Tina Krause