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Jun 30, 2016

How would you like to make a “Cameo” on Hellbent for Horror?

I wanted to do something special to thank this community of hellbent listeners!

Interaction with others is where the real inspiration for imagination comes from, and I talk about how some listeners have been integral in sparking ideas.

Making this podcast...

Jun 27, 2016

Music can be scary, even terrifying. 

Certain combinations of notes induce nervousness and unease in the listener.  Musicians have known about these intervals for centuries. 

They can induce tension, character, and depth into a song, and have been used in music throughout the world since before music theory was even a...

Jun 11, 2016

Everywhere in the world has its own local ghost stories – scary places that have haunting reputations. 

Then there are people who actually deal with these ghosts and demons. 

You’ve heard the stories, and they’ve made movies “based on true events” of supposed real hauntings and possessions. 

Two famous...

Jun 1, 2016

So, what scares you?  Really.  What takes you out of your “horror comfort zone?” 

In this episode I talk about my own horror triggers.  I don’t rationally believe these things exist. But, somewhere deep inside me… 

Triggers often come from events that happen to us as children, and my trigger is no exception.