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May 27, 2016


You know those scary monsters that haunt your dreams?  Make-up artists and actors make them come to life. 

Make-up effects have evolved with film from the beginning of cinema. 

Artists delve into the dark parts of themselves to make real horrors we may not have even imagined. 

Sometimes the work is so good that...

May 20, 2016

This is a companion piece to Episode 6, which was about the creation and history of Shock Theater and Horror Hosts.

When you’re creating podcasts like this, you have great ideas that just don’t make the final cut.

Sometimes, though, there’s just more story to tell.

Join me as I dig a little deeper into the world...

May 12, 2016

A lot of us were introduced to classic horror films through midnight showings on local TV on Saturday nights.

Many of us knew of our local horror host. 

The horror host was (and still is) a great American phenomenon full of crazy costumes, clever names, and a lot of charisma. 

The greats are still legendary, and horror...