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Nov 2, 2020

Halloween is a state of mind.

We survived the weirdness of Halloween 2020 and now we're in the final stretches of the Year the Wouldn't Die.

I think we all deserve a little more Halloween this year, so H4H is doing a Horror Double Feature with two podcasts of extended conversations with horror enthusiasts and creators!

Part One is a fly-on-the-wall conversation between Jon Kitley (Kitley's Krypt, Discover the Horror: One Man's 50-Year Quest for Monsters, Maniacs, and the Meaning of it All), Bryan Martinez (Film Deviant, The Giallo Room), and S.A. Bradley. 

What started out as a Facebook Live conversation took on a life of its own as we delve into what movies still scare us, opinions on horror and popular culture, and real-life horror (and how we deal with it). This is as close to a late-night talk after the convention closes as you can get. 

I hope you enjoy the conversation, and you get the feel of why we champion finding our horror tribe at conventions. 

Technical note: this originated as a Facebook Live recording and because of that, the audio isn't at the highest quality.

Jon Kitley:

Kitley's Krypt

His book: Discover the Horror: One Man's 50-Year Quest for Monsters, Maniacs and the Meaning of It All

Bryan Martinez:

The Giallo Room

Film Deviant

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