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Mar 3, 2016

On this podcast we will talk movies, books, music, legends and lore, real-life horror, campfire stories, whatever connects together to tell a story

The door swings wide, and all are welcome. Whether you love Classic Universal Monsters, Slasher Films, Found Footage Horror, French Extreme Cinema, Korean Ghost Stories, J-Horror, Hammer Films, Amicus Films, Glass Eye Pix, Classic EC Horror Comics, Creature Features and Horror Hosts, Italian Zombies, Spanish Zombies, Romero Zombies, Giallo, Silent Horror Films, Nature Run Amok films, Atomic Age Horror Films, Roughies, the list goes on...we will have discussions about them and any you bring close to the campfire!

We welcome fellow horror obsessives, obsessives-in-training, and especially anyone who has just been bitten by the horror bug and wants to know more. We are equal-opportunity sleep destroyers!