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Feb 12, 2022

Music and Horror are kindred spirits. And many of us love it when music and horror meet in the shadows of our imaginations. 

Join my guests, the hosts of the excellent DISCOVER THE HORROR PODCAST as we look at how we were attracted to the dark side of music, our influences, and how many different ways music express that darkness.

This is a joint podcast with my good friends from Discover the Horror and the music conversation, focusing on horror movie soundtracks, continues on their podcast. Listen here: 

What do Rupert Holmes and Black Sabbath have in common? Listen and find out!

I hope you enjoy the show!


Iron Maiden

Mike Oldfield- TubularBells (1973)

Robert Goulet (performer)

The Accused (punk band)

Alice Cooper (band)

Alice Cooper meets the Muppets (TV-1978)

From the Inside (album-1978)

Millie and Billie (song-1978)

Love it to Death (album-1971)

Antichrist Superstar (album-1996)

Behemoth (band)

Black Sabbath (band)

Black Sabbath (album-1970)

Born Again (album- 1983)

Blood and Chocolate (1986)

I Want You (song-1986)

Bloody Hammers (band)

Boris Karloff's Tales of the Frightened (album-1963)

Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures (band)

Celtic Frost (band)

To Mega Therion (album-1985)

Cold Ethyl (song-1975)

Dead Babies (1971)

Diamond Head (band)

Am I Evil? (song-1979)

Dickie Goodman- Mr. Jaws (song-1975)

Dio: A Special from the Spectrum (concert video-1984)

Famous monsters (band)

Fulci (band)

Garbage (band)

Flying Saucer (song- 1956)

Ghoultown (band)

Hallowed Ground (album-1984)

Country Death Song (song-1984)

Violent Femmes (band)

Halloween Hootenanny (album-1998)

Horror Hop (album-1994)

I Put a Spell on You -Screaming Jay Hawkins (1956)

I Put a Spell on You- Marilyn Manson (1997)

Johnny Cash- Delia's Gone (1962)

The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black (band)

Kembra Pfahler (artist/performer)

King Diamond (performer/band)

Abigail (album-1987)

Mercyful Fate (band)

Melissa (album-1983)

Nuns Have No Fun (EP/song-1982)

Kiss (band)

Love Gun (album-1977)

Paul Lynde Halloween Special (TV-1976)

Lightnin' Hopkins- Goin' Back Home (song-1977)

Link Wray- Rumble (song-1958)

Lordi (band)

Love Rollercoaster- Ohio Players (song-1975)

Manowar (possibly the greatest band)

Into Glory Ride (album-1983)

Marty Robbins- El Paso (song- 1959)

Metallica (band)

Ride the Lightning (album-1984)

Master of Puppets (1986)

Ministry (band)

Misfits (band)

Evilive (live album-1987)

Legacy of Brutality (1985)

Where Eagles Dare (song-1985)

Monster Bop (album-1993)

Motley Crue (band)

Motorhead (band)

Murder Ballads (album -1996)

My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult (band)

Ozzy Bites the Head Off a Dove (event-1981)

Paul McCartney and Wings (band)

Piece of Mind (album-1983)

Escape (The Pina Colada Song) (song-1979)

Rupert Holmes (songwriter/performer)

Powerwolf (band)

The Return of the Living Dead (film/soundtrack-1985)

Revolting Cocks (band)

Robert Johnson (blues legend)

Roky Erickson (performer)

Cold Night for Alligators (song-1986)

Samhain (band)

November-Coming-Fire (album-1986)

Satanic Panic (cultural event 1982-1989)

Septic Death (band)

Skinny Puppy (band)

The Process (album-1996)

Too Dark Park (1990)

Skrewdriver (band)

Soupy Sales- My Baby's Got a Crush on Frankenstein (song-1962)

Stagger Lee/ Staggolee (historical figure)

Stained Class (album-1976)

Judas Priest (band)

Stan (song-2000)

Suicidal Tendencies (band)

The Cramps (band)

The Creeping Cruds (band)

The Cure (band)

Subway Song (song-1980)

The Dead Elvi (band)

The Spectres (band)

This is Horror Punk (album-2003)

The Buoys- Timothy (song-1971)

Twisted Sister (band)

Venom (band)

Black Metal (album-1982)

Voivod (band)

W.A.S.P. (band)

Zacherle- Dinner with Drac (song-1958)