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Jun 11, 2016

Everywhere in the world has its own local ghost stories – scary places that have haunting reputations. 

Then there are people who actually deal with these ghosts and demons. 

You’ve heard the stories, and they’ve made movies “based on true events” of supposed real hauntings and possessions. 

Two famous paranormal investigators were Ed and Lorraine Warren who have been the subject of several movies and books, including “The Conjuring 2.”

In this episode I talk about home town hauntings where I grew up, and my eventual visit to the home of Ed and Lorraine Warren where I met and spoke with them, and encountered their notorious Occult Museum of possessed objects.

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Movies and subjects discussed:

The Conjuring

The Conjuring 2


The Amityville Horror

The Haunted





James Wan

Ed Warren

Lorraine Warren

Jay Anson

Robert Curran

Jack Smurl

Janet Smurl

Occult Museum

“The Devil Made Me Do It” Case (1981)



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#The Conjuring 2


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#Robert Curran

#Jack Smurl

#Janet Smurl

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# “The Devil Made Me Do It” Case (1981)