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May 26, 2022

Freddy's glove! Jason's machete! Jigsaw's mask! Leatherface's Chainsaw!

Like any religion, horror and sci-fi movies can be such a spiritual experience for fans that props and costumes can become holy relics.

Join my guests, James Azrael and Ernesto Avina, partners, and curators of The Horror & SciFi Prop Preservation Association (HSPPA), as they discuss passion, obsession, and how art is in the eye of the beholder.

What is the "Holy Grail" of movie props? Might it be...the Holy Grail itself?

Props! Monsters! Museums! What more could you want?

Would you believe that at the center of their story are...cupcakes?

Listen and find out what the hell that even means!

I hope you like the show!

Movies Discussed:

It's Just a Game (2018)

So What? (Dee Snyder music video- 2016)

Pieces (1982)

Motel Hell (1980)

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988)

Jojo Rabbit (2019)

Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988)

Paul Taylor (Pinhead- Hellraiser Judgment -2018)

Enrique Murciano

Harry Potter Hufflepuff

Seed of Chucky (2004)

Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003)

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989)

Boogie Nights (1997)

Wishmaster (1997)

The Exorcist (1973)

Jason X (2001)

Trilogy of Terror (1975)

Puppet Master (1989)

Troll (1986)

Resident Evil (2002)

Inglorious Basterds (2009)

Tusk (2014)

Se7en (1995)

Hellraiser (1987)