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Jun 30, 2016

How would you like to make a “Cameo” on Hellbent for Horror?

I wanted to do something special to thank this community of hellbent listeners!

Interaction with others is where the real inspiration for imagination comes from, and I talk about how some listeners have been integral in sparking ideas.

Making this podcast has energized and rejuvenated me.

We all need a creative outlet, and a place to be heard.

I’d love to give my listeners that outlet as well!

In this bonus episode, I talk directly to you about how to make this show a little more interactive.

Let’s start a conversation around your talent and passions.

I’ll be showcasing music from a listener on this episode, and I’ll also go into some detail about my “illicit proposition” to you.

Plus, there’s a little news about upcoming Horror Conventions I’ll be attending.

Who knows? If you find me at one of the shows, you might just get interviewed about your “first kiss”!


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