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Mar 17, 2017

I’ve said before that horror is supposed to upset the apple cart. 

It lets us confront fears we can’t confront in any other genre.  I like when good stories challenge me, and that includes a challenge to my perspective

In the last decade or so I’ve noticed many films directed and/or written by women that have shown me horror stories from different perspectives

They’ve unsettled me, and scared me in ways different from before.  I LIKE this.  As a reader and watcher of horror, I LIKE having something unsettle me. 

In this episode I talk about how these different perspectives impacted me, and highlight some movies and artists who inspire me.


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Movies and Directors Discussed:

'Wretched' (2007) Co-directed by Heidi Honeycutt and Leslie Delano

'The Babadook' (2014) Directed by Jennifer Kent

'The Invitation' (2015) Directed by Karyn Kusama

'In My Skin' (2002) Directed by Marina de Van

'American Mary' (2012) Directed by Jen and Sylvia Soska

'The Box' segment of anthology film'XX' (2017) Directed by Jovanka Vuckovic

'XX' segments and directors:

'The Box' Written and directed by Jovanka Vuckovic based on the short story by Jack Ketchum