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May 12, 2016

A lot of us were introduced to classic horror films through midnight showings on local TV on Saturday nights.

Many of us knew of our local horror host. 

The horror host was (and still is) a great American phenomenon full of crazy costumes, clever names, and a lot of charisma. 

The greats are still legendary, and horror hosts continue entertaining us on the internet and streaming video outlets. 

In this episode I talk about the confluence of events that led to late night horror movies on television, and some of the unique personalities that haunt our memories with our first views of classic scary Universal monsters.


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Subjects discussed:

Shock! Theater Package

Horror Hosts

Horror Movies

Classic Universal Monsters

Creature Features

Shock Theater

Chiller Theater

Poltergeist (1982)

Haunted Mansion (Dark Ride)

Television in the United States

Hollywood Studio System

Midnight Spook Show

History of Comic Books

History of Punk Rock

“Big Three” Television Networks

Lights Out! (Radio Show)

Tales from the Crypt (Comics)

The Vampira Show

Swami Drana Badour

“Murder Before Midnight”

Horror Hosts


Morgus the Magnificent





Bob Wilkins

John Stanley

Count Gore De Vol

Mister Lobo

Cinema Insomnia

Karlos Borloff

Monster Madhouse


Famous Monsters of Filmland

Forrest J Ackerman

“Son of Shock!” Package

Ernie Fosselius

August Ragone


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#Horror Hosts

#Horror Movies

#Classic Universal Monsters

#Creature Features

#Shock Theater

#Chiller Theater

#Poltergeist (1982)

#Haunted Mansion (Dark Ride)

#Television in the United States

#Hollywood Studio System

#Midnight Spook Show

#Comic Books

#Punk Rock

#“Big Three” Television Networks

#Lights Out! (Radio Show)

#Tales from the Crypt (Comics)

#The Vampira Show

#Swami Drana Badour

#“Murder Before Midnight”

#Horror Hosts


#Morgus the Magnificent





#Bob Wilkins

#John Stanley

#Count Gore De Vol

#Mister Lobo

#Cinema Insomnia

#Karlos Borloff

#Monster Madhouse


#Famous Monsters of Filmland

#Forrest J Ackerman

#“Son of Shock!” Package

#Ernie Fosselius

#August Ragone