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Mar 6, 2016

What's the "First Kiss?" The First Kiss is the event that hooks you into your passion and obsession.  Budding horror fans are carefully fed safe increments of scares by kiddie movies with frightening edges that end up with happy endings.  But what are the moments we stumble upon that aren’t carefully supervised?  What movies, books, stories are the first reveal of the shock and surge that good horror can produce in its fans?  We talk about that first thrill, that first shock, that first kiss.

Show Notes:

 Them! – 50’s horror-


The Thing From Another World-

Shock Theater-

EC Comics- AND  more info: The 10 Cent Plague

Home Box Office Origination:

Poseidon Adventure:

Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry:

White Lightning:

The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean:

The Seven-Ups:

 The Getaway:

The Stone Killer:


Nicolas Roeg:

Don’t Look Now (Movie):

Don’t Look Now (Daphne DeMaurier):


Don’t Look Now- Opening Scene:

Donald Sutherland’s reaction to Don’t Look Now Opening Sequence:

Nicolas Roeg discusses “Don’t Look Now”:


This is S.A. Bradley, and I’m a life-long horror lover. This podcast combines horror history, personal observations, common themes, and cultural trends to tell a story with each episode.  Here we talk about all things horror. Horror movies, books, comics, hosts, conventions.

 The door swings wide here, and all types of horror are welcome.  Each episode covers some aspect of horror with lots of viewing or reading suggestions for you to check out.  I want to start conversations with people about all types of horror. 

I’ve been a fan all my life, and I love all the different styles: Classic Universal Monsters, Slasher Films, Found Footage, French Extreme, Asian Extreme, Korean Ghost Stories, J-Horror, Hammer Horror Films, Amicus Films, Glass Eye Pix, EC Horror Comics, Creature Features, Horror Hosts, Italian Zombie movies, Spanish Zombie movies, George Romero Zombie movies, Giallo, Silent Horror Films, Nature Run Amok, Atomic Age Horror, Roughies, Exploitation, Horror Literature, Serial Killer, Halloween, B-Movie, Splatter films, ghost stories, Folk Horror, supernatural, body horror, torture porn, VHS, Psycho